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Welcome to my fashion blog. Hmm, a little bit about myself...these are always a little awkward to write. For started my name is Gabriella, I usually go by Gabby. I'm a Florida girl born and raised, but that doesn't mean I'm always at the beach and I worship the sun. It's actually the complete opposite. I'm currently living in St. Petersburg with my two main squeezes. Aaron (my boyfriend) and I have been together for about 8 years, we started dating when I was 17 and its been all downhill since then..or should I say uphill:). My other squeeze is my dog, he is a 5 year old English Bulldog named Tanner. If you follow me on social media, i'm sure you've seen plenty of them both.
I stared my fashion blog about a year and a half ago for a fun outlet to share my daily outfit and be apart of a fashion community that enjoyed the same interest as myself. Even though it's can sometimes be challenging to set aside time to make a weekly post, but i've genuinely enjoyed myself and sharing bits and pieces of my life. It's been a journey and everyday I have the privilege to meet and talk with new people from around the world. I've had the opportunity to already grow in way's i've never expected and I'm excited to see where else this will take me!
Thank you for anyone that has supported me along the way. Oh, and thank you for checking out my blog!


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