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Friday, April 17, 2015

Shapeless Dress

Another shapeless dress has been added to my closet!

Another shapeless dress has been added to my closet!
 I love a good flowy shape can be so fun and flattering, and it was a complete hit! I think a lot of women avoid these style of dresses in fear of looking too frumpy. There are a few tricks to make it feel more flattering. One very reason I loved this dress so much, between the soft blushed pink and the detailed flowers, I still felt so confident wearing this shapeless little number. For years women have been told to show off your assets, in my opinion not everything needs to be curve hugging or skin tight in order to feel sexy and confident.
A few key tricks I consider when buying a shapeless dress. 1)The shorter the better 2) Wear it with heels (adding a little height makes your legs looks longer) 3) Of course if all else fails then adding a belt will always accentuate your waist. (better for a hourglass or apple shape) 4) You can always add a long statement necklace to elongate your neckline.

Outfit detail;
Free People shapeless dress
Target Hat
Thrifted Shoes
Kate Spade Purse

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  1. So beautiful Gab, that dress is just lovely! x

  2. Love that dress! More shapeless dresses are so perfect I find when I want to still wear something really feminine but want to be comfortable at the same time, even if they aren't technically "flattering", I love wearing looser pieces sooo much more.


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  4. Flowy dresses are some of my faves in my closet! Maybe it's good that other people don't catch on to how awesome they are because then there are more for the rest of us! ;)

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  5. I think the same as you, you don’t need to tight cloths to feel sexy.
    Great dress, you look amazing!!