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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Peru Photo Diary

A women selling hair accessories on the street.

Wild flowers.

People teach their children at a young age how to sell things on the street. This little girl walked up to us asking if we would please buy from her. It was enough to melt your heart and buy a years worth supply in gum.

Mira Flores

I just loved this old photo of my dad when he visited Cusco.

Traditional Peruvian women making scarves.

Where my dad rest in peace.

These are just a few snaps of my time in Peru. It was an amazing trip filled with tons of family and delicious foods. Some of the biggest highlights from my trip was the Peruvian cuisines. I tried anything from Anticuchos (beef heart) to any type of ceviche you could imagine. Another famous dish from Peru is called "Cuy".  There's really no way to sugarcoat this; its guinea pig. Ick! I could never imagine eating an animal I once had as a pet. Although I would never eat cuy, it has been a tradition in Peru for thousands of years. As to why, I'm not really sure.
Another big highlight was exploring a district in Lima called Mira Flores. This is more of a "touristy" area which is full of restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping, ect. Everything is within walking distance from the ocean. The view is just incredible. There was so much more I saw that I wish I could have captured in pictures, but Lima does has some undesirable areas that just aren't safe to have your belongings out in the open.
The only thing I wish I would have seen was Machu Picchu, unfortunately there just wasn't enough time. Its just another reason to go back and visit. 


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