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Friday, May 22, 2015

Pink Donut

It's no secret Modcloth is one of my favorite brands to feature.

It's no secret Modcloth is one of my favorite brands to feature. Now that it's summer, like most women, a new bathing suit is a must have, so without question I knew where I had to start my search. Not only does Modcloth feature plus size models, they're quite outspoken when it comes to photoshop and how magazines portray unrealistic body proportions. They also have signed a pledge to not photoshop any of their models. Big or small. Which is pretty amazing considering how many years it taken to get this far. 
"We're all about the beauty of all women of all, sizes, shapes, form and color." 

The hardest part was narrowing it down to just one! We all know it's hard to find the right suit, so it is good to find out what style fits your body the best. I chose a high waisted bottom, for me its what I feel comfortable in. It's important to know your body, so you don't get stuck with an uncomfortable bathing suit your having to pick at all day. Confidence is a absolute must! No matter what size, feeling confident is number one when out in your bathing suit. If you're feeling good about how you look, people will notice and admire your confident behavior. 
Also, don't you love this donut float?! It's the cutest.:)


Outfit Detail
Modcloth Bathing Suit
Urban Outfitters Donut Raft
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  1. Oh my goshhh! That doughnut is absolutely amazing! So cute x