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Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas in New York

Top Outfit Detail;
Pink Forever 21 Coat
Topshop Dress

Outfit Detail #2;
Zara Red Coat
Urban Outfitters Jumper Dress

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw that I visited New York for just a few days, it's literally one of my favorite places on earth. Even though I've been to New York a handful of times this was my first time visiting during Christmas. I was so excited of course, but also a little curious to see if it was as cracked up as everyone says. Let me just say, New York didn't disappoint! It's literally the most beautiful place to visit during the holiday's. Rockefeller is a also a must, the view is so incredible and breathtaking. It's something to see in your life time, thats for sure!

One of the most interesting things to happen to us while we were visiting New York was in Washington Square Park. We stopped for a few moments to watch a some street performer's at the corner, a ton of people were gathered around but we were quickly surprised to turn around to see this see this woman standing uncomfortably close and smelling us..yup, she was smelling us. Immediately we turned around to her and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!", she stormed off and left us questioning "what just happened?" after laughing for a few moments we had a second thought..what if she was distracting us to pick pocket us. After checking our belongings, we were in the clear..still confused as to what just happened I was a little freaked out. Then a guy walks up and explains they're filming a show for MTV that involves pranking people! We were shocked and couldn't stop laughing. You never know what could happen in New York. Thats why I love that city. 



  1. Looove your long fur cardigan dear :)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  2. Just beautiful! Sounds like you had a fabulous, if not somewhat hilariously eventful time in NYC x