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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Comeback Kid

This photo is thanks to the guys driving by catcalling.

Outfit Detail;
Urban Outfitters Culotte's (similar ones here)
Forever 21 White Button Down

Hey guys! The comeback kid in this story are the 'culottes', they fell off the map a long time ago and are now back and bigger than ever. I myself was never a fan until recently, I finally couldn't resist the trend. Figuring out how to wear culottes isn't the easiest thing, I'm still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Another problem I run into is finding the right length, I'm 5'3 (on a good day) and I find most cuts fall right at my ankle, which isn't exactly a flattering length for me. So, for all the short girls out there these Urban Outfitters pair were a steal for only $20.

After checking out a few blogger's and celeb's I've noticed a few way's that are fool proof when putting together an outfit in the culotte department.
I like to think of them as a A-line skirt when going to style them, for example tucking in a loose fitting blouse, or of course a crop top for the high-waisted culottes.
I found that the most flattering length is mid-calf area (this is where I struggle finding the perfect fit). This length give the appearance of wearing a fun flowing swing skirt. If you're on the petite side then a right below the knee is also a good choice, it give's the illusion of having legs for days.
Shoe's also play a huge role putting together your outfit, I noticed a lot of high pointy toed pumps work well. Unfortunately that's just not my jam, unless I want to be falling every two seconds, high pump's just aren't my thing. If you're the same way then another option is paring them with a chunky platform or cute little can't really go wrong with those choices.
I biggest reason I've really liked playing around with culotte's is the mix up in my wardrobe. I get bored switching back and forth between skirt's and skinny jeans, so this is a easy style to cycle through. It's also a look that can be warn all year around, during more fall months it's easy to layer with boot's of bundling up with a scarf.
Hope this helps! :)
Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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  1. This is beautiful Gab, I love how chic this outfit is x