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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hello, my name is Frank

I'm loving my new body scrub!

Get rough. Get dirty. Get clean. 

I've been hearing all this hype about a body scrub that goes by the name of Frank. I became curious so I checked into the website and I immediately fell in love just by the's a coffee based body scrub that has a ton of amazing benefits like targeting cellulite, helps with dry or flakey skin, and other skin imperfections. 
Frank has a few options to choose from, just because I was a first time user I bought the original Frank. The original has a sweet almond oil to moisturise and tone, orange essence for a citrus scent, vitamins and minerals to give the skin natural goodness, brown sugar sea salt to exfoliate, and then of course – coffee. 
I have to say I'm very pleased by the results and it won't be the last time I shower with Frank. 

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