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Friday, February 27, 2015


Off to explore!

Tonight we are off to explore a new restaurant called Red Mesa Mercado that opened up in my neighborhood, so we also took the opportunity to snap a few pictures out front. Dinner was absolutely wonderful. I think I'll be frequenting this new Mexican restaurant a bit more. Even though, I probably eat out too much. One of my new year resolutions was to limiting the times I eat out a week.. looks like I haven't been very successful so far. Oh well. ;)
For starters I love anything floral, its feminine and pretty, whats not to love? I'm also wearing a Zara skirt (which by the way is very comfortable) and a Forever 21 faux leather jacket. When I'm picking an outfit out for the day there's a few things I take into consideration, like, whats the weather like? What will I be doing today? From there, I then pick out one main piece of clothing, and for this outfit it was the floral shirt, and then I kind of build my outfit around it. I do this most everyday(expect for when I'm getting ready for work.. when you have to wear all black it's not hard to match), it keeps everything a lot less overwhelming when I'm getting dressed in the morning. There's defiantly a method to the madness. 

Outfit detail;
Shirt- Urban Outfitters 
Skirt- Zara 
Jacket- Forever 21


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  1. Absolutely divine Gab, you just look so so beautiful x

  2. Very cute! I love that shirt and I will always love a leather jacket with anything.

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail