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Friday, March 6, 2015

You are beautiful.

This printed shirt immediately caught my eye when shopping at Anthropologie, I'm a sucker for anything with a dog print and bright colors! As I've mentioned in my other post, I like to layer. For me, I have a hard time walking out the door with just a simple t-shirt on without adding a little "gabby", usually that means adding a hat or layering of some sort.  The weather is quickly changing and skipping right over spring and directly into summer, I'm taking full advantage of whats left of the sweater weather.

Outfit Detail;
Beaded Collar Shirt- Modcloth (old)
Sweater- Anthropologie
Skirt - Thrifted

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  1. The print on your top is the cutest thing xx

  2. that jumper is so has such a lovely print and I like the colour as well, matched wonderfully those brown shoes...and the skirt is a treasure!

  3. You're so dreamy Gab, this outfit is just so so sweet x

  4. Quit being so cute and save some for the rest of us!! Also, what an awesome location to shoot pictures at. What it says couldn't be more true. :)