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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Currently Clicking

This week I'm adding a few links I'm currently checking out.

How cool is this illustration by PatyChucky?

1. Every year around this time my salon has a yearly meeting called Summit. It's a lot of the typical business meeting stuff, but theres a huge portion of our meeting where we all as co workers have a chance to bond and do team activities. During this years Summit, I was introduced to a site called SoulPancake. Pretty genius name if you ask me. So what is it? SoulPancake is an online platform that explores "think big" topics such as creativity, spirituality, religion, arts, and philosophy. Most of which includes videos, chat forums, and creative challenges. These are the most moving videos I've had the pleasure of watching.
Before I go into more detail, just check out the video below. Warning: it's a tear jerker.

2. Go check out HelloNovember blog! Reagan has recently started a feature for her blog, and that is spotlighting another blogger once a month. I'm honored to be featured in her blog for the month of March. There's are a few Q&A's i've answered, so head over and check it out!

3. Oh, and last but not least. Kate Spade Saturday is having a 50% off sale with offer code "HalfOff"


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